Homemade Costume Tutorial: Star Wars R2d2

YAY! First Star Wars tutorial! I decided to kick things off with this super adorable R2D2. Before starting this tutorial, I just wanted to share how we came to the decision to make Halloween 2013 our family Star Wars Halloween. Earlier this year, Dallin watched The Piano Guys video “Cello Wars”.  It was his first taste … Read more

Epic Homemade Star Wars Halloween!

So here they are! A couple of days after a dark and stormy (and hail-y) Halloween, these photos were taken at the local sand dunes just north of our town. The talented Mindy Weston did the honors and we had a blast! I will be doing tutorials for each of these costumes but for now, feel the force and behold … Read more

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye without Bleach

Remove Blue Hair Dye

Knowing how to remove blue hair dye can help have a hair-free of unnatural colours and patches. Blue hair dye is often used by those who are undergoing a hair colour change. Individuals often dye their hair green, red, orange, purple, or any other shade to change their hair colour for a particular occasion. Many … Read more