Epic Homemade Star Wars Halloween!

So here they are!

A couple of days after a dark and stormy (and hail-y) Halloween, these photos were taken at the local sand dunes just north of our town. The talented Mindy Weston did the honors and we had a blast!

I will be doing tutorials for each of these costumes but for now, feel the force and behold the awesomeness! 


Dallin (age 5) as C-3PO

Sophie (age 2) as R2D2

Henry (age 4 months) as Yoda

My husband, Steve as Han Solo

Me as Princess Leia

My mom (who was here visiting at the time) as Chewbacca

Sasha and Toby (our little dogs) as Ewoks (though some have commented they look more like Jawas.)

(Plus some quick behind-the-scenes tidbits in the Daily Dose below.)


Daily Dose

  • We were 30 minutes late to our photo session and so it ended up being super rushed because Mindy had another appointment after us.
  • My biggest regret, besides being super late, was not bringing a mirror to the photoshoot. We had a regular family session (in regular clothes) right before this and then drove straight to the sand dunes for the costume session. Between no mirror, the mad rush we were in, and the wind, my hair was horrible!
  • Toward the end of the session, Sophie had had enough. She was a trooper though!
  • To check out some more awesome Mindy Weston Photography, visit her Facebook or blog. Or go over to my BE THE GOLD website. She did most of the front-page photos!

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